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NG Meetup UK
Right, last weekend was a Newgrounds meetup from this thread on the flash forum.

The meetup started at the London Eye, users all met up from as far as newcastle (stupid dELta) to meet each other. I arrived at around 1.30 and saw a small croud of people huddled in the corner with Angry Faic, NG Logo and Tankmen t-shirts. After a while, we all met up and exhanged usernames (quite odd calling each other their aliases and people calling me JPI).

We headed to Namco after taking a group shot (below). It was pretty cool, just loads of nerds in their element. We did a lot of stuff, like had tournaments for ASers Vs Artists on the air hocky (Artist's won, I think it was because of their left handed advantage), we played lots of shoot em ups (time crisis, house of the dead etc) and made complete fools of outselves on the DDR machines. I selected HARD mode and I regretted it a lot :( We then retired from extreme gaming in the pub downstairs, shortly after we got video footage of Zoy on a game indeded for 5 year old girls. Believe it or not, Zoy didn't get served.

After that, we ended up wondering round london for the next arcade place (which was pretty much the same thing), before getting lost (bad directions from Tom of the SuperFlashBros) running to take a slash and losing track of TheEXP and his girlfriend Lucy who were both dying for a piss... a likely story ;)

We went to a crappy American diner to keep Luis from missing home. But Luis was kind enough to ring Tom Fulp (which was cool) and we all got to have a word with him. I didn't really know what to say, so I just congratulated him on the redesign.

Finally, we made it to the Trocedera Arcade and played more videogames and it had more bumper cars. But the best bit must of been the 8 player Daytona (I loved that game when I was younger) and it was the best because I won!

After this, we ended up trecking it back to Waterloo having a few pints at a pub there. We wern't really welcomed much (due to lack of ID's) so we ended up round the back drinking and talking and drawing. I drew FloppyDiskClock as an emo, so that made my day.

Finally, after drinking. Me, Tom (SFB), Dim (SFB), Mogly, Luis, dELta all headed back to Tom's (SFB) place in Woking. We had another beer and just ended up playing wii sports and guitar hero. Oh, and we saw the behind the scenes of the sacred Mod forums, where dELta proceded to steal Luis' account and ban himself for a day (shits and giggles I guess).

That was pretty much it, apart from me overstaying my welcome alone with Tom and Dim videogame playing and shopping the next day. All in all I really enjoyed the meet, and reccomend it to more people next time.

Not all e-friends are complete tossers, which is nice :)

More photo's from the meet should be up on this page soon.

My Flash News
In other news, I'm back home and I've completed a minigame called DoggyDrag, I should be releasing it to NG sometime today or tomorrow. And I'm finishing up a platformer game (which is taking it's sweet time). So look out for them both soon :)

Photo Below, taken from a random stranger.
TheEXP, Lucy, KaynSlamdyke, Kirk-Cocaine, Bezman, Mogly, FloppyDiskClock, Zoy's friend, Zoy, deltaluca, Luis, Tom (SFB), BritishMoose, Dim (SFB), Me

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