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that was eally funny i laughed so much when his leg came off. I liked when the robot shot lasers out of his crotch. There was no turtle! it was the best movie i have ever seen i laughed my face off.

Kyaztro responds:

My computer couldn't export anything bigger than 5 mb so I was forced to put off
steve's intro for part 2


Enjoyed it, storytelling was nice, artwork was nice.
The only thing that bothered me is that everything seemed to be lacking in weight/gravity (which is hard to do) and needs improving.
For example in the opening shots when the main character falls to the floor needs to be eased more. And also when he zips from side to side it needs more detail on movement/easing/weight.

akoRn responds:

Thanks, this is some of my early attempt on frame to frame. And it's harder without any wabcome or anything. SO, I really need alot of time to make sure everything look like its actually rotating or turning.

I did learn ALOT from this project. Thanks!


I didn't even know this was yours until the credits, and I liked it before hand too :o

Now go animate "With karate I'll kick your ass"!!!


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This could quite possibly be the best game ever!

I looked like a tit doing it but it was really fun and enjoyable to play.

It reminded me of another game I played on Newgrounds called LoveSnatch.

ChromeShark responds:

I made Love Snatch too, this is the final part of my epic Snatch troligy, and I added Mouse mode so people without webcams could enjoy the experience too. Thanks for the 10!


I like killing things. Good easter spoof!


It was so good, and I ended up getting 1000exp :)
Congrats on the sprites Luis, they were perfect. Game was great, had 1 or 2 glitches.
- The tombstones go off screen if you hit them off, I'd prefer it if they bounced back.
- I found a glitch where I think I fell onto a bread loaf and I stayed squashed and didn't get back up.
Congrats on a fantastic game.
Oh, and what the hell is with the bread loafs?!? That part made less sense than the rest of the game xD

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Really nice sound :)
It reminds me of some of the menu music in the original Unreal Tournament.
Keep it up, sounds great.

MadChris responds:

thanks! but its been so long since i played unreal..i dont know how you remember it. i gotta go listen to it now. lol

You did Guitaroo Man justice

Great cover, sounds exceptionally like the original.
Makes me want to start up my PS2 and play this game again... I never did complete it :( I got stuck shortly after this song.

Kimken responds:

Bone level perhaps?

That made my day

Congrats to both of you. You both did a fantastic job. How long do I have to wait for another song?

Wow, I'm such a flash fag!

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