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Wow, I'm such a flash fag!

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Comments (16)

Here here. Didnt get to say bye to you and Dim since me and Lu were planning to come back. So bye now I guess, and hello again on the forum.

Haha, bye. I'm sure I'll see you later at some point, you can always come visit me and Kester in Wolves this year.

How dare you draw me as a emo.

Those who dare win! :P

raar raar ;)

Your the ONLY user to ban themselves xD

Now go make a game >:(

I so nearly made it this year, and I'm so going to make it next year if it happens. Even if I am 20 years older than most of you whippersnappers, I have to help out the ASers on the air hockey. Did you play pool?

Nah, I really really wanted to though. All the others there weren't interested or too young to understand the concept of a game without an on switch, it would of been good to give you a game, even if you would've kicked my ass.

Sorry you couldn't come :)

haha the male to female ratio on the meet is overwhelming XD Damn I wish I was english

i didn't know you wanted to play 'pool', i would've.

also, snooker > pool although youll be hard pushed to find a proper snooker table around ;P

i remember this!

haha when I visited London over winter break I was in that exact same spot for the meeting point of the "Jack the Ripper Tour"

Just missed the meet-up!!

I'm going to miss our smallish group. Should be madness this year.

I was about to say where the hell am i? Then i see this is last years! Just gonna check my bank account.. see how much monies i got through...

Yeah I need to get down south some year and whoop you artists at air hockey (I've never lost a game in my life yet) Looks like a merry crowd anyways. Hope you had fun.

PS: Your Prankard correct?

Oops same mistake as EvilDog

Funnily enough.. these only white people there.. ha

update your blog you fag

im with BananaBreadMuffin on this one... this is... um... over 2 years old?!... i feel someone is a tad lazy dont you think?